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There are many options for foreign investors

Why Invest in Panamá

Financial Hub: US Dollar based economy with over 60 international banks.
Logistics Hub: Panama is the most connected country in latin America with daily flights to 90 destinations in 34 countries on 3 continents, 5 major maritime ports connecting 2 oceans.
Digital Hub: 95% of all digital communication in Latin America comes through Panama. Trade Agreements: Panama has 23 Free Trade or Commercial Agreements spanning 60 countries.

What is the Executive decree no 722?

  • A special program focused on attracting foreign direct investment. (FDI)
  • Under this decree a qualified investor can automatically obtain permanent residence status in Panama that offers a path to citizenship.

Why Live in Panamá

Security: The most secure country in the region (low crime rate). Multicultural community. Great benefits for retiree’s (25% discount on local purchases).
Fantastic Tropical Climate: Beaches, Highlands, Modern City.

Ways to achieve permanent residency:

Option 1

 Invest a Minimum of $300K in real estate.

(The minimum will increase up to $500K by October 15, 2022)

Option 2

 Open a time deposit in a local bank with a minimum of $750K.

Option 3


Invest a Minimum of $500K in the local Panamanian Stock Market.


Concierge Service for investors (DIGESI) (Dirección General del Servicio al Inversionista)
• Concierge service for local or foreign investors within the Ministry of Trade & Industry.
• Answer investor inquiries.
• Coordinate meetings both in the public & private sectors.
• Organize trade missions to boost investments.
• Promote investor participation in government sponsored events.

Daniel Yau
Investor Relations Director
PH: (+507) 560 5858

References and other programs
There are many options to establish yourself in Panamá as a permanent resident and even become a citizen. We suggest contacting one of the recommended law firms to receive guidance on best options for you.Concierge service for local or foreign investors within the Ministry of Trade & Industry.

Residency permit for Real Estate Investors documents
Other types of visa available
Residency program for “friendly countries”
Migration Panamá

Become a Panamanian after being a resident

Recommended Law Firms

Natalia Sanchez
+507 3811890

Ana Graciela Medina
+507 2657777

Marcos Kreamer
+507 8302297

Albalira Montufar
+507 8302297

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